The Relationship Wellness Check-In

What is the RWC?

The Relationship Wellness Check-In (RWC) is a workshop for couples that includes three 50-minute sessions aimed to uncover your relationship’s strengths and challenges in the areas of intimacy, communication, conflict resolution, and emotional connection.

The 3-Session Process

  • The first session will focus on learning the evidence-based skills necessary for long-term relational wellness and understanding the behaviors that threaten it.
  • The second session will review your results from the Gottman Sound Relationship House Assessment to understand how your relationship dynamics contribute to your relational security and connection.
  • The third session finishes this process by providing you with tools and resources to help you improve communication, conflict, and intimacy for maintaining your relational wellness.

The Gottman Assessment

The RWC uses the Gottman Sound Relationship House Assessment to determine how you each show up in your relationship emotionally and behaviorally. It is based on 40+ years of research from over 150,000 couples by Dr. John Gottman on why relationships succeed or fail. You will be taking this assessment independently before our first session and we will be going over the results together so that I can provide you with personalized feedback.

The Relationship Wellness Check-In

$250 Total

255 S. 17th Street, Suite 2200 or Virtual