Hi! I’m Sara Gaarn-Larsen (She/Her). I offer individual, relationship, and sex therapy with the goal of helping clients to foster self-love, promote self-discovery, and strengthen their relationships.

I take a collaborative and systemic approach to therapy, which means that together we will explore the various sociocultural systems that have impacted you throughout your life and which continue to impact your relationships. Once we have uncovered the origins of your concerns, we can begin to address their immediate impact on you and your relationships.

I value authenticity, humor, and transparency in my work. Therefore, I strive to create a space where you feel supported and empowered to fully express yourself. When working with couples and polyam relationships, my role is not to judge or take sides, but to affirm the experience of all members and encourage understanding and empathy.

As an LGBTQ+ affirming, sex positive, poly-friendly, and kink aware therapist, I welcome and provide a safe space for all identities and relationship styles. As a cancer-survivor, I am passionate about working with clients experiencing or having experienced its impact on their sense of self and sexuality.

Every individual and relationship is unique and deserves therapy that caters to their specific goals and needs. I offer 15-minute consultations free of charge for any questions you may have about me and my process. I look forward to meeting you!


  • Relational Conflict & Communication Issues
  • Non-Monogamy & Alternative Relationship Styles
  • Insecure Attachment & Relationship Anxiety
  • Infidelity & Trust Building
  • Childhood Emotional Trauma / Enmeshment Trauma
  • LGBTQ+ Experiences
  • Kink / BDSM
  • Sexual Dysfunction / Dissatisfaction / Shame
  • Desire Discrepancy in Relationships
  • Desire and Arousal Issues
  • Cancer-related Trauma & Sexuality Issues
  • Body Positivity & Acceptance
  • Anxiety Management
Sara Gaarn-Larsen

Philadelphia, PA

10a - 6p
10a - 6p
Philadelphia, PA
10a - 6p
10a - 6p
Philadelphia, PA