MFT, (they/she)

Hi, I am Yema (they/she)! I am a trained Marriage and Family Therapist offering individual and couples therapy with a specialization in sex therapy. My approach to therapy is deeply informed by my intersecting identities and a strong commitment to social justice. As a queer, trans, fat, disabled, Latinx child of immigrants, I bring a unique perspective to your struggles and goals, viewing them through an anti-oppressive lens. This means I always consider how structures such as racism, capitalism, fatphobia, queerphobia, and ableism impact your lived experience.

I am systemically trained, recognizing that you and your experiences exist within larger systems, networks, and communities, not in isolation. As an anti-capitalist therapist, I place great value on community. I am committed to reminding my clients that they are not alone and that there are caring, compassionate communities eager to hold them and their truths.

As an intersectional feminist, my work is deeply trauma-informed; your autonomy, safety, pace, worldview, and informed consent are paramount and will always be respected. I approach therapy relationally and collaboratively, fully embodying my humanity rather than presenting as a blank canvas. I recognize the sacredness of the therapeutic relationship and acknowledge the power dynamics inherent within it. Therefore, I understand that trust and vulnerability must be earned. As your therapist, I promise to move at the speed of trust, always regarding you as the expert of your own life and story.

Speaking of stories, my therapeutic approach leans heavily on narrative therapy; your story matters, and I want to hear it. I strive to empower my clients to own their stories and rewrite them as needed. I also believe that your body holds stories, and I am intentional about making room for them so we may listen, learn, and affirm them. Together, we will collaborate on a somatic practice, such as movement, dance, or meditation, to attune to your body’s innate wisdom.

My therapeutic style is casual, curious, and non-judgmental. Our work together will be fueled by empathetic exploration, with your healing as the goal. Understanding that we live in a world that tells us many untrue stories about ourselves that we then internalize, I am committed to gently challenging those negative beliefs with compassion and understanding. I am passionate about liberation, collective healing, and pleasure as a fundamental human right! I am sex-positive, queer and trans-affirming, and affirming of polyamory, kink/BDSM, and sex work.

Yema Rosado


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Philadelphia, Virtual
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