LMFT, CCTP-II (they/she)

CJ is an eclectic systemic therapist and pulls from many therapy models to create a client-centered, tailored experience that values emotional honesty, self-care, mindfulness, and humor. They provide individual, relationship, and sex therapy and welcome all configurations of partners & family members to participate in sessions. In the therapy room, CJ prioritizes a stance that is affirming and non-pathologizing, while also challenging clients at their growing edge and empowering them through knowledge.

CJ works through a culturally-sensitive lens and defers to her clients as the experts on their own experiences. They seek to create an environment that is affirming, inclusive, and celebratory of queer and gender-diverse folx, as well as the polyam/CNM and kink communities. They are trauma-informed, sex work-affirming, and knowledgable in adult neurodiversity. With a long history in the performing arts, CJ has a special affinity for those in creative & non-traditional professions. They look forward to co-creating your therapeutic experience with you, no matter
where you meet along the journey.

Special clinical interests include (but are not limited to):
consensual/ethical non-monogamy & polyamory, exploring gender/transition, kink, improving communication & building intimacy, affairs & infidelity, pregnancy & postpartum, coming out, musicians/actors/artists/writers, adult children of alcoholics, codependency, people-pleasing & perfectionism, attachment work, Parts/IFS work, trauma recovery/sex after trauma, adult neurodivergence (ADHD & ASD) in individuals & relationships CJ understands that a therapist’s social location and lived experience may be important to her clients. They are proud to openly identify as a member of the queer, gender-diverse, polyamorous, and neurodiverse (AuDHD) communities, as well as being a secular clinician, a parent, and a partner.

CJ is a proud member of AAMFT & AASECT and a graduate of Thomas Jefferson University’s Couple & Family Therapy program with a specialization in Sex Therapy, and is the recipient of a
departmental award for their research project on Emotionally-Focused Therapy with couples. They are a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Level II (CCTP-II).

Additional Trainings:
Complex Trauma Certification with Janina Fisher (Levels I & II)
Healing Trauma Through Kink (TASHRA)
Integrative Medicine & Nutrition for PTSD & Complex Trauma
Internal Family Systems (IFS) for Trauma & Anxiety
Gottman Couple Therapy (Levels I & II)
Emotionally Focused Therapy for Neurodivergent Couples
“Sessions Live” with Esther Perel

CJ Mooney, MFT, CTP (they/she)


9a - 5p
9a - 3p
12p - 8p
9a - 3p
9a - 3p
Licensed In

$150 / 50 min