Jennifer Seip, MA

Jennifer holds a Masters a degree in Marriage, Family, and Couples Therapy and is systemically-trained and educated in Sex Therapy from Council For Relationships. Previously she served as adjunct faculty at Middle Sex County College in New Brunswick New Jersey, where she taught Human Sexuality. As a therapist, she is supportive, validating, thought provoking, and creates the perfect environment for positive change.

How I Work With Clients

The first thing that I tell my clients when they enter my office is that the most important person in the room is you. I put a lot of myself into this work and believe in the value of a strong therapeutic relationship. As I am getting to know you, you are also getting to know me. I believe that this is the best equation to foster communication and commitment along your personal path of discovery.

As a therapist, I embrace your uniqueness and help you develop a clear sense of self and direction by employing a strengths-based approach.

People who know me say that I am kind, genuine, and passionate. I enjoy being healthy in both mind and body, and believe that the key to happiness is balance. I truly value this work and consider it a privilege to work with people along their journey to transformation. We all struggle, but with the right support it’s amazing how far one can go. I know this, because I see it every day at my practice.

My treatment specializations include:

  • Relational Distress and Anxiety
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Gender & Sexuality Issues
  • Women’s Issues
  • LQBTQ & Sexuality Issues
  • Life Transitions
  • Sexual Health
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Affairs
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Attachment
  • Divorce/Separation
  • Self-Esteem
  • Anger Management
  • Commitment
  • Trust Difficulties
  • Acting out Sexually
  • Trauma & Past Abuse

If you have any questions for me, feel free to reach out. I know that making the decision to come to therapy can be overwhelming, but rest assured that once that decision is made, the process does get easier.

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  • Sun, Mon, and Wed 9a-9p


  • Fees ranging from $00 – $110